Boitumelo Mmakou

“ Don’t wait for the next person to do something, think of a new idea and do it. ”

Boitumelo Mmakou is the founder of Mashadi Media, a specialist public relations agency that focuses on providing public relations support for dancers in South Africa (also known as #PRforDancersSA).

The agency focuses only on profiling the work of dancers, showcasing their events, dance profiles and dance competitions. Mmakou is also the founder of Musicology South Africa, a music blog. Her vision is to use her public relations company and influence to create awareness of South Africa’s dance and music talent through content creation. Mmakou holds an honours degree in journalism and media studies from the University of the Witwatersrand University (Wits), South Africa.

When her dancer friends hosted events, they would always ask her to use her connections in the media industry to help them market those events. She saw an opportunity to become the middle man between the dancers and the media and set up Mashadi Media.

Her passion for the dance and music industry started at 13, and she still dances to this day. The young innovator, now one of the Standard Bank 2018 Rising Stars, was only 15 years old when she got her first writing job with Teen Zone magazine. She has since written for the Randburg Sun and Bona magazine. Over the past two years she has worked as a content producer for YFM’s breakfast show, which is the biggest young adult radio station in South Africa.

She was inspired to set up her business by her work as a reporter and content producer, and the talent and young people doing great things for the country she has been exposed to. Her desire is to also play a role in making a difference in changing her community, and in turn the country and perceptions of talent in South Africa.

She understands that dancers don’t make that much money, and does not charge her clients a lot, as her aim is to ensure that they are well profiled and recognised in the industry for their talent. Her view is that with the skills that young people have, it is everyone’s responsibility to make a contribution towards developing our communities. With the resources that we have in Africa, young people can change the narratives about our continent.

Looking ahead, Mmakou’s vision is to grow Mashadi Media to become the biggest brand housing local musicians and dancers in the country, and to enhance their efforts through strategic marketing and public relations efforts. Her aim is to grow Musicology SA’s footprint and create employment through these platforms. She wants to play a role in mentoring young people and giving back to communities by providing opportunities for young people to flourish.


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