Sindile Majola

“ One of my greatest short-term goals is completing my PhD study and officially launching my virtual medical centre. ”

Sindile Majola embarked on a healing journey to become a homeopathic practitioner and now uses her skills to assist the ailing by helping them regain their health through self-empowerment.

It was anticipated that Majola would enter the health industry because her younger years saw her assisting friends, peers, and neighbours with medical ailments. Her impressive journey began on completing her education at the Sparks Estate Secondary School in KwaZulu-Natal.
At twenty-seven years old, Sindile, with her Master's Degree, became a Prescribed Minimum Benefit (PMB) specialist at Discovery. Her qualification resulted in enrolment for a PhD at the Durban University of Technology (DUT).

She rejects the notion that deserving people who require treatment should be rejected because they lack money for quality health care. To this end, she says she aspires to start a virtual medical centre that would be free of charge for individuals not able to afford quality medical services.
Majola often reprimands her friends who are lackadaisical in their studies. During exam times she admits that she becomes extremely unpopular with her friends.

“I am very passionate about education, people close to me have to grapple with my continuous nagging -- that they take their studies seriously. I have met many students who had the desire to further their studies but didn’t know how to. I have taken it upon myself to mentor such individuals and assist them to achieve their goals,” she says encouragingly.

Her PhD studies include a research study on developing a model in which disadvantaged people are able to access regulated natural therapies free of charge. Majola also intends to grow within the corporate world and aspires to add more corporate qualifications to her arsenal, such as obtaining a postgraduate diploma in health economics, a master’s in public health, as well as an MBA.

“One of my greatest short-term goals is completing my PhD and officially launching my virtual medical centre,” she declared.


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