Anathi Majeke

“ Find something that you are passionate about. Don’t stop, do it until you get it ”

The bug bit early for Cape Town-based entrepreneur Anathi Majeke who, at the age of nine, took on her first clients.

The chief executive of Naturastics Hair said although she only formally started her business two years ago, her innovative journey began in Lwandle 12 years before.

“I have been in the hair industry for a very long time. From the age of seven, I was already interested in doing hair and had my own clients when I was nine. A lot of kids were still playing around at that time.

“At the age of 10 I had a mini-spaza shop where I used to sell sweets and ice-cream during the summer months,” she said.

“But then, two years ago, that’s when I initially started the business, because after high school I studied law at the University of the Western Cape and then I decided that this was not for me and took a break, which was when I started my hair business.”

The 21-year-old’s enterprise includes the supply of hair extensions, manufacturing wigs and the installation of weaves.

“I cater for something different, something that was not here (Lwandle), which was my advantage because that’s how I quickly climbed the ladder. Not a lot of people did what I did and people copied me,” she says. Majeke added that she had had her fair share of financial challenges, such as getting the business to where she wanted it. But she continued to work hard at making it succeed.

She started Naturastics with four people, adding another three later in the month. “Find something that you are passionate about. Don’t stop, do it until you get it,” Majeke advised.


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